Custom SOlutions

Tailor made software for companies operating on financial markets

Bespoke financial data intelligence solutions for a wide variety of data-driven decisions across capital markets.

Consultations: Discovery level consulting with deep product knowledge and data technology expertise to address the client’s needs at a business level. Come to us with your problem or idea or need with your data as-is without having to do any technology work ahead of time.

Whiteboarding/Architecting a Solution: We will whiteboard potential solutions, follow up with written requirements, build POC mockups and carry the project all the way to delivery.

Software Solution: Deliver turnkey SaaS web app solutions in addition to raw data delivery or API connectivity. Our goal is always to deliver revenue impactful solutions not just vend software.

Security/Anonymization: Our anonymization approach is one of our core differentiators. We can work directly with your compliance/legal/audit teams. We have been through the process at multiple large broker-dealers/banks/investment firms.

Implementation/Adoption/Training: We work closely with our clients to train all users, iterate functionality incorporating user feedback and driving actual adoption – we want to partner with you through a rollout and beyond.

Maintenance/Support/Constant Innovation: Our SaaS model is built on constant releases, immediate bug fixes and a steady stream of new functionality. Our backgrounds running trading desks informs our approach to real-world, real-time trading support.

Projects/Pilots/R&D Examples

Agency Intelligence brings the concepts of our Main Analytic Platform to our Unity Platform – a new level of measuring trade value at interdealer and agency brokers.

Centralizes Risk Book with a Derivatives Focus : Deliver a turnkey approach to optimize cash and options trading decisions and hedging decisions to reduce transaction costs across equities.

Funding/RevCon/Swap Applications that link end investors directly with pools of stock lending liquidity and balance sheet leveraging our approach to anonymization.

QuickNAV approach to NAV estimation at large investment managers incorporating multiple data sources, factor-based estimation and narrowing confidence intervals.